The Personnel at ControlTek have a wide variety of experience in the areas of new construction, upgrades, and maintenance of existing municipal control systems. The following are only a few examples of the projects we have completed.
Pond Discharge Control System

Multiple variable frequency drives are utilized in this panel in order to maintain a constant flow from a retaining pond to a water shed lake.  The system monitors PH for proper levels before either discharging or re circulating to the treatment plant.


Water Treatment Plant

This treatment plant control system utilizes radio system to control water intake to the treatment plant. After treatment, the system pumps fresh water to the remote water tower as needed.  The system runs automatically and incorporates a SCADA system for operator alarms and status.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

This treatment plant controls and monitors plant processes utilizing PLC and operator interface system. In addition the remote lift stations are monitored via radio link.  The operator has monitoring and trending information in the local office as well as a remote office.

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